Why Laru

In LARU we belive that special moments deserve special adorments

we bet on quality

LARU is a brand founded in 2014 that has offered only Polish jewellery.
Our jewellery is made of gold and beautiful, natural gemstones.

All models are made by Polish crafts,
masters of the art of goldsmithery.

unique design

Our models are created basing on original projects only.
We put special effort so that our models were innovative and timeless.


The models we offer have a hand-signed quality certificate. What is also important, our jewellery is packed in packaging designed specially for our brand.

We focus on the interesting presentation of our models and the possibility to buy without leaving home. Engagement in presenting new collections is as important to us as creating them.




Sometimes, at first we have the idea for the ring and after that we put a gemstone in it.
Sometimes, the gemstone is the inspiration for creating an unique item.


If you decide for LARU, you come to the new world, LARU world, in which you hold all the cards. We give you the first card that is confirming your membership. See what you gain by joining our special club.

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