How to buy

We aim to make the shopping process as user friendly and intuitive as possible for Customers. Below you will know the standard steps which are obligatory to follow to make a purchase on our website.


You can add product to the cart directly from the product website. After you select the proper size, you can add the product to the cart. You can ask about details by clicking the "Send a request" button directly in the product page.


Once you add a product to the basket the amount of products in the basket is indicated in the top right corner of the screen. If you click the basket icon, you are directed to the full view of the basket, where you can change the amount of pieces or remove products. Once you add products to the basket you can proceed to finalize your order.


In the next step you decide on the shipping method and give us your delivery address. Optionally you can give the invoice data. Depending on the shipping method you can proceed to the on-line payment via PayPal or select the cash on delivery option (only if you decide for courier services). This way you reach the final point of the purchasing process.

Once you place the order, you receive an email confirming an receipt of the order.

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