Who we are?

As a young team full of people who are sensitive to beauty and are able to perceive the original items which are natural gemstones, we decided to share our insights and ideas with others. In the beginning a vision of a new brand seemed pretty risky. However, we decided that it is worth trying because we strongly believed in our passion and were sure of the uniqueness of our goods.


First sketches, before they came to the world, had spent some time in the closet. We created one after another. They were getting better and reflected our thought and messages in the best ways. Finally, we presented them to people from the jewellery industry. They only supported our idea and offered help in the project realization.

Polish craft
Unique gems

There are many talented craftsmen in the Polish market. We were lucky to start collaboration with one of the masters of goldsmithing - Mister Marek. Marek was interested in our projects and he decided to join us together with his team. Since then he has been responsible for creating professional gold models.

Gemstones used in our models came from Madagascar, Brazil, India. But not only. We brought them from a grindery where the gemstones were selected and processed by the best grinders. We especially focus on the quality and appearance of the brought gemstones as they are base for our products.

What is more, we knew from the beginning that we would work on gold only. Such amazing gemstones requires the special luminaire that would emphasize their natural beauty. The decision whether we use a yellow or white gold for a given model is made at the design stage. Nevertheless, plenty of our models are available both in white and yellow gold as they look beautiful in every colour option. You have to decide what you like best.

The range of gems, that we offer, is very wide. Beside from diamonds or as an alternative for diamonds we offer sapphires, rubies, citrines, quartz, topaz, amethyst and many more. It is very important for us to have high quality grinding. Fancy shapes are a huge inspiration.

Besides the natural beauty of gemstones and high quality ores we make sure that the jewellery offered by us is comfortable. We are happy because we know that thanks to this our jewellery bring to the customer a sentimental value and customers will pass it down from generation to generation.

 This is what satisfies us most – happy customers who can enjoy the unique and timeless beauty of our jewellery.

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